Local Users Password Formula

It's easy to generate, reveal and copy passwords to the clipboard when creating or editing Local Users.

Changing the XTAM Local Users Password Requirements (length and complexity).

When creating local users in XTAM, the default password formula is set to 8 characters, including the use of 1 upper case, 1 lower case and 1 numeric character.

If you would like to modify this requirement, please perform the following procedure.

  1. Login to XTAM as a System Administrator.
  2. Navigate to Administration > Local Users.
  3. Click the Formula button.
  4. FAQ-LocalUsers-Formula-Button

  5. Modify the password formula requirements as needed and then click the Save button when finished.

The password requirements for XTAM Local User accounts are now updated and will be enforced on new user(s) creation or existing users’ password changes.