Creating a SSH session record

  1. InPrivileged Access Manager, create a new record using one of the available Unix types. This includes Unix Host (user and password auth), Unix Host with Key (user and ssh key auth), Unix Host with Protected Key (user, ssh key and passphrase auth), Unix Host with SU (user and password with switch user) or any custom record type for utilizes the SSH protocol.

  2. Populate all the fields with your endpoint’s connection details.

  3. Click the Save and Return button.

Your record is now saved and under management in Access Manager.

All access to this record will be captured in the audit log, including Active and Completed sessions as well as keystrokes.


Permissions and workflows can also be applied to your users or groups ensuring only authorized personnel can access to the record.

Forbidden sequences and meta-commands (ctrl-c, ctrl-d, etc) for users are regulated by the System Administrators and run under Command Control policies.

Your CISO, Auditors and Security team are now smiling.

<Using your SSH session record in a native SSH Client