Generating Strong Passwords

Privileged Access Manager provides an option to generate a new, strong password for any password field included with a record.

The password will be generated randomly based on the Formula policy that is currently associated to this record.

To generate a random password

  1. Create a new Record or view an existing record that includes the default Password field.
  2. Click the Edit button for this record.
  3. To the right of the Password field, click the Key button (Privileged Access Manager Generate Password Button) to generate a random password. The password will automatically be added to the password field. You can click the Unlock button (Privileged Access Manager Generate Password Unlock Button) to view this new password.
  4. FAQ-Generate-Password-Key-Button

  5. When satisfied with the password, click the Save or Save and Return button to complete the operation.

The password will not be saved to the record until you click one of the Save buttons.

If you Cancel out of the Edit page, then the original password in this Record will not be updated.


To customize the password complexity requirements, either modify the Formula associated to this record or the Formula assigned to the Record Type (if Formula inheritance is enabled).

Access Manager contains an easy random password generator screen accessible from any part of the WEB application.