Job Summary Report

The Job Summary report provides a list of all Jobs or Tasks that have already been executed, aggregated to illustrate a summary of their results including a number of executions per task per day.

The summary can be displayed in a data-table or presented in a line chart.


The following options are provided with the Job Summary report:

  • Filtering is available for Time and State options.
  • Search is available to quickly locate objects using string based queries.
  • Export is available to export the available on-screen data to either a CSV, PDF or XLSX file.
  • Sorting is available by clicking on the desired column header.

Information Provided

The following information is provided as columns in the Job Summary report:

  • Date: Displays the date (MM/DD/YYYY) of when the job or task was executed against any record.
  • Task: Displays the name of the associated task.
  • State: Displays the state of the task.
  • Result: Displays the result of the executed task. If the script does not include a Result response, then this column will be empty.
  • Count: Displays the total of number of times this task was executed on this date across all records.
  • Actions Menu: Provides the following options:
    • Details: Displays the details or results of all the executed tasks included in the count.
    • Chart: Generates a chart displaying this task across all its date ranges, states and included results.