Software Updates

How to check for and update Xton Access Manager to the Latest Version.

The development of Xton Access Manager (XTAM) follows an Agile development process which means a fast paced and frequent software release cycle. Due to this, the software provides an easy method to check for and ultimately deploy the latest version.

Before you update, review the latest Xton Access Manager Release Notes.

XTAM updates may contain changes that require modifications to the XTAM database. For this reason, please ensure that the XTAM schema owner has DDL permissions on the database before starting the software update process.

Check and Update XTAM Online

To Check and Update XTAM Online (for offline update scroll down to the next section).

To perform an Online Update, your XTAM node(s) must be able to communicate with the XTAM distribution server to complete a version check and to download the software package. If required, whitelist the domain "" using port 443 in your firewall.

  1. Login to XTAM as a System Administrator.
  2. Navigate to Administration > Updates. The Application Update page will display all the components configured, their Current Version and the latest Available Version. If the available version is more recent than your current version, a Download button will be visible.
  3. Click Download to queue the download process. The download will be processed when possible and may take a few minutes to complete.
  4. FAQ-Update-DownloadScheduled

  5. When the download is finished, an Install button will become visible under the Actions column. Click Install to queue the installation process. The installation will be processed when possible and may take a few minutes to complete and during this time, connectivity to the system will be intermittent. We recommend performing the installation during “off peak” hours if possible.


  6. After the update is installed, the current Components and Available Version numbers will be identical and the Action message will state that the current version is up to date.


Check and Update XTAM Offline

To Check and Update XTAM Offline:

  1. Download the offline update from here:
  2. Copy the downloaded zip file to the XTAM server.
  3. Extract the zip file to a temporary location on the XTAM server.
  4. In this temporary location, navigate to /pkg/pam and copy the files xtam.war and xtamWorker.war.
  5. Paste these files to {XTAM_HOME}/content, or the directory specified by the Administration / Settings / Properties / Content Location parameter.
  6. Once copied, XTAM will begin the update process automatically.
  7. The update process takes about 5 minutes to complete and you should open XTAM and navigate to Administration > Updates to confirm when the process is complete.
  8. If your deployment includes the Federated Sign-In Module, then you will need to complete the following additional steps when performing an offline update.

  9. Download and then unpack the web archive located here

  10. Copy the web.xml file to $XTAM_HOME/web/webapps/xtam/WEB-INF replacing the file which already exists. (Consider making a copy of the existing web.xml file in case of issues.)

  11. Restart the PamManagement (Windows) or pammanager (Linux) service.