System Requirements

The following are minimum requirements to use PAM for Single Server and medium use Production farms.

If questions about architecture and system recommendations for large scale farm deployments remain or issues arise while using PAM, please contact the Support team using this link:

  Single Server, Test or Quick Trial Medium Use Production Farm
Windows O/S (64-bit only) Windows Server 2012+ / Windows 10 Windows Server 2012+
Other O/S (64-bit only) Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS
Database Included* MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL
Memory (reserved for PAM use) 4GB+ 8GB+
Disk Space (reserved for PAM use) 20GB+ 50GB+

*For Single Server, Test or Quick Trial deployments the recommendation is to use the included, internal database however you can use any of the other supported databases that are available to you.

Software Requirements

Web Browsers: Internet Explorer 11, Windows Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari.

Starting July 17, 2022, the Internet Explorer browser will no longer be supported. We recommend IE users transition to using the latest version of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox with Imprivata PAM.

External Database

The default installation includes an internal database that can be deployed. If you would prefer to use an existing database in your environment, the following are supported with a recommendation of 4GB minimum for disk usage (considerably more if Session Video recordings are configured for database storage).

Please be prepared to supply a valid connection string to your database as well as an appropriate user and password to successfully establish this connection. Please contact your Database Administrator if you need assistance.

  • Apache Derby version
  • Microsoft SQL version 2012+
  • MySQL Community or Enterprise Edition version 5.7+
  • Oracle version 11.2+
  • PostgreSQL version 9.5+