Imprivata Privileged Access Management Product Update 2.3.201803112233

March 11, 2018

Today we released the following:

  • Support for command-line file transfer from remote Unix server to the local computer during an active session using PAM tool (xtam -d FILE)
  • Support for quick file transfer from remote Windows server to the local computer by copying (drag-and-drop) file to the Downloads folder of the XTAM Drive on the remote server that triggers file download in the session browser
  • Support for file upload to a remote server using the drag-and-drop operation to the session screen. For Windows remote server the file uploads to the root of the PAM drive. For Unix remote computers the file uploads to the root of the current user home directory unless the destination changed using the PAM tool (xtam -s DIRECTORY)
  • The option to subscribe for in-session keystroke events to receive alerts and email notifications when certain key sequences typed during sessions