Imprivata Privileged Access Management Product Update 2.3.201905262229

May 26, 2019

PAM Update: adds logging of content of the transferred files and system user access report

This update adds the option to save files content transferred through active sessions and also adds a system user access report to review all users who can access anything in the system.

Added support for logging content of the files transferred to or from remote servers

The update adds the option to log the actual content of the files transferred through an active session to or from a remote server. The option allows to monitor transferred content and not just the fact that some file was transferred.

The option is enabled by default for all sessions with Events Recording.

File content is available for download from the File Transfer event of the Session Events report.

The logging preserves file name, extension and the content with the metadata about the user and time of the transfer with the ability to jump to the session video recording of the transfer event.

The update also adds a retention policy for the logged files content controlled by the system parameter Session Transfers Retention defaulted to 7 days.

When enabled, the system will delete the contents of the logged transferred files after the specified number of days.

Added System Access Report

The update adds a System access Report that lists all users that can access any part of an object in the system.

The report is useful to evaluate assets exposure or check compliance with the user-based licensing.

The report is available on the Global Permissions screen.