Imprivata Privileged Access Management Product Update 2.3.201906162243

June 16, 2019

PAM Update: adds more search and filtering options for the records, folders and session events

This update adds search criteria for newly added records and folders as well as to query records with associated anonymous links.

The update also adds search by event type and time-range filtering in the Session Events report.

The added search query for newly created records and folders

This update introduces a new: search criteria which is a nice convenient option to quickly find recently created records and folders.

The qualifiers new:hour, new:day, new:week and new:month open visibility to newly created objects in deep folders hierarchies.

An added search query for records with associated anonymous links

This update introduces alinks: search criteria to identify records shared by various users to external consumers using the anonymous links option. This search option provides visibility to the extent of using anonymous links feature in the organization as well as to the specific areas shared with the outside participants.

Added filtering by event type and time range to the Sessions Events report

This update improved search options for the Session Events report by allowing to filter session events by event type.

This option allows focusing the auditor attention on certain session activities such as clipboard or file transfers, keystrokes or commands executed.

The system-level session event report also introduced the option to filter events by time range with pre-built options for the last hour, day, week or month as well as with the option to specify a custom time range.

This option allows managers to investigate various activities related to multiple devices in the network that happens at a certain time.