Imprivata Privileged Access Management Product Update 2.3.201907282252

July 28, 2019

PAM Update: Added the option to import data from KeePass Password Safe

This update adds the option to import data from KeePass Password Safe.

Added the option to import data from KeePass Password Safe

KeePass Password Safe is a very popular free client-side password management tool.

KeePass Password Safe is efficient in managing personal accounts and passwords in a secure way.

However, it does not scale well for multi-user and corporate use.

PAM is a WEB based Vault solution that allows to sharing of accounts and passwords among multiple users using centrally managed cloud or on-premises hosting with high availability options.

This update adds the option to import data from existing KeePass utilities preserving the group hierarchy and smart detecting of entry types.

The import from KeePass provides a quick way to start with a new deployment of enterprise-class password management and access solution reusing existing investment into password management.


To import data from KeePass Password Safe first export the complete safety of selected groups to the KeePass XML 2.0 file. After that, select creating a folder in PAM to import KeePass data into.

Further, select Manage / Import utility in this folder using PAM GUI.

Finally, select the export XML file from KeePass and click Import.

After importing data, take advantage of the newly introduced option to mass change record type for multiple selected records to quickly organize imported content and let it inherit enterprise password policies and access workflows.

Added the option to enforce some aspects of the software licensing

The new update adds controls to enforce compliance with the application licensing.

Please review our guide listed in the links section below for the methods to bring back compliance with the original licensing.

Alternatively, contact our sales to resolve the issues with the licensing used for this specific deployment.