Imprivata Privileged Access Management Product Update 2.3.202005242314

May 24, 2020

PAM Update: Added the option to re-encrypt existing records with new master password

This update adds the option to re-encrypt existing records with a new master password.

Added the option to change the master password

The update adds the option for system administrators to change the master passwords using Administration / Settings / Database / Re-Encrypt button.

The function requests old and new master passwords and re-encrypts all records encrypted by the old master password with the new one.

The option does not switch the system to use a new master password that should be done separately using command line utility command SetPasterPassword.

Note that the process of re-encrypting many system records might take considerable time.

In addition to periodically updating the master passwords, the option is useful to bring all records under the same encryption following the mass import of data encrypted by a different master passwords or by fixing the data integrity issues caused by multi-node deployment with different master passwords used by different nodes.