Imprivata Privileged Access Management Product Update 2.3.202008162310

August 16, 2020

PAM Update: Improved support for geographically distributed deployments, improved audit log events verbosity and improved administrative messages flexibility

This update improved support for geographically distributed deployments, improved audit log events messages and improved flexibility of administrative messages configuration.

Improved support for geographically distributed deployments

The update added support for network proximity selection in geographically distributed deployments for sessions established using native RDP clients.

The option allows to configure application clusters deployed in different geographies to generate connection strings for native clients connections bound to the same cluster.

This configuration ensures shortest network path to the proxy serving privileged sessions.

To enable the option define node specific configuration property with the value this node should use when generating connection string for native clients to connect.

Improved audit log events messages

The update adds session duration time to Session Complete event, imported file name to the System Import event and added an audit log event about completion of record import process including a number of records imported, import source type and time to import.

Improved flexibility of administrative messages configuration

The update adds the options to edit existing administrative message, specify expiration day for a message and also add the option for a user to close administrative message displayed on the record list screen.