Imprivata Privileged Access Management Product Update 2.3.202103212230

March 21, 2021

PAM Update: Added Assume Role option support in AWS STS Temporary key generation, added support for HTTPS transport in remote PowerShell script execution

This update added Assume Role support using AWS STS service to generate temporary credentials in AWS service added support for HTTPS transport in remote PowerShell script execution.

Added assume role support in AWS STS Temporary key generation

The update adds the option to generate temporary credentials by assuming a role using the AWS STS service.

The option allows to the generation of a set of temporary security credentials that users can use to access specific AWS resources that they might not normally have access to.

Specify the role to assume in the Role ARN field of AWS STS Temporary Access record to enable Assume Role functionality.

After the role is specified, trigger AWS STS Assume Role script on the application GUI to generate a set of temporary credentials assuming the specified role on the record.

Added support for HTTPS transport in remote PowerShell script execution

The update adds support to execute PowerShell scripts on remote Windows endpoints using WinRM protocol over secure HTTPS transport.

The update allows integration with Windows assets in the networks with enhanced security.

Two optional record level checkbox fields control the verification of SSL certificate (TrustCertificate) and verification hostname match between the subject on the certificate and hostname on record (TrustHost) to test the configuration when using self-signed certificates.

Added property request option for find and search REST API functions

The update added the option for a caller to specify a set of returned properties in rest/folder/listPaged and rest/record/findPaged functions using query list parameter E=attribute specifying the list of attributes to return (E=id&E=name&E=description).

The option allows minimizing the traffic from the server for targeted requests.