Heartbeat Checks

When a Windows or Unix record is either created or updated, the XTAM Job Engine will automatically queue a heartbeat or status job to ensure that the provided parameters (host, port, user and password) are accurate.

To continue ensuring the record’s status, this heartbeat status will be queued again after every Connection or Update to this record, either performed manually by a user or automatically by a scheduled task like Password Reset.


A record’s heartbeat looks like the screenshots below and provides the following information:

  • Last Action: Indicates the time of the last attempt to validate the record’s parameters using the heartbeat’s Check Status task.
  • Last Success: Indicates the time of the last successful validation or heartbeat of this record. Green means the most recent attempt was successful, while red means this most recent attempt was unsuccessful.
  • Job Queue: Displays the Check Status queue state in the XTAM Job Engine.


Heartbeat Queue


Heartbeat Succeeded


Heartbeat Failed

The actual verification heartbeat is a rather simply echo SUCCESS task that can be applied to any other supported records using XTAM’s Script Library and Record Task configuration.



You may also execute an on-demand heartbeat check at anytime by simply selecting the Check Status task from the Execute menu.