SSL Certificate Web Browser Security Warning

I installed PAM and my web browser is telling me the connection is not secure.

What does this mean?

PAM generates and deploys its own self-signed SSL Certificate during installation so that the secured port 6443 can be used to encrypt the PAM web traffic.

Because this certificate is self-signed it is not recognized by your browser and certificate authority as trusted and therefore your web browser is rightfully reporting on this by displaying that security warning message.



To continue using the PAM installation, you may consider the following options with regards to the browser warning:

  1. If you would rather avoid the use of the secured port all together, and therefore avoid the browser’s security warning, you may consider logging in to PAM using the non-secured page at http://localhost:8080/xtam.
  2. If you wish to continue using the secured port with our self-signed certificate, you should deploy this certificate to your Trusted Certificate Authority using the Install Certificate option.
  3. If you already have your own trusted SSL certificate and wish to use it instead of ours, then please follow the procedure outlined here: Replacing the SSL Certificate with a Trusted SSL Certificate.

While any of these options can be considered acceptable for Trial or Test deployments of PAM, we would recommend replacing our certificate with your own trusted certificate for all Production deployments.