Creating secure PAM SSH sessions using your own desktop client side applications like PuTTY, SecureCRT or WinSCP

Ever find yourself stuck between the needs (and demands) of your Administrators, Developers and Contractors and the needs (and demands) of your Security department, Auditors and your CISO?

Your Administrators need quick, easy and efficient access to your business’s privileged accounts and systems, with minimal disruptions to their workflow in order to excel at their job.

And trying to get them to use some other piece of software is absolutely out of the question.

On the other hand, your have Auditors and upper management demanding that you secure accounts, keys and access to all of these same systems.

They want (and demand) Audit reports, granular permissions, constant notifications and other safe-guards so your business does not become the next victim of a security breach.

Enter Privileged Access Manager(PAM) which satisfies the very legitimate wants and demands of both sides.

Quick, easy and secure native client based password-less access using their own desktop SSH clients (like PuTTY, OpenSSH and SecureCRT) while enforcing audit events, notifications, permissions, access request and password rotation.


To learn about how PAM can provide secure SSH Tunnel access, please read our SSH Tunnel article.

To learn how you can use a Public/Private key pair to authenticate SSH proxy sessions, please read SSH Session Public Key Authentication article.

The following sections describe how to create secure SSH records in Privileged Access Manager and then how to use these records in your native desktop clients.


Enabling SSH Proxy

Creating a SSH session record

Using your SSH session record in a native SSH Client